morganslady (morganslady) wrote,

Hurrican Sandy

Hey All,
I have to say Monday night was the worst I've ever had, water coming up through the floor(I'm on a cement slab). I only have one floor so it was pretty scary, the dogs and I got on the bed and I prayed.. Seriously thought I might die with the dogs.. Then the lights went out,figured at least I couldn't see the water.
By Tues the water that had come into the parking lot(about 4 feet), receded. I live in a great condo people started helping each other. Today, my neighbors tore out my bedroom carpet,my friend Mike came with his wet/dry vac got ride of the remaining water,then mopped..
I got away very lucky,neighbors lost appliances, electronics,etc.. I'm just hoping my car will start..
Prayers to everyone..
Laura,Buddy and Mojo
Tags: hurricane sandy
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