morganslady (morganslady) wrote,

Alex O’Loughlin to Take Break for Rehab

Glad he is going to get treatment for his prescription pain meds addition.

Everyone has noticed Alex’s recent weight loss, and many people have made comments about him looking tired.. which lead to many people being worried about his health. It looks as if there were some underlying problems. Recently when asked about Alex’s health, Producer Peter Lenkov had tweeted “He’s fine”.. Peter and other people on the cast /crew had noted that he was just a little over worked. There was no mention of an injury or other problems. Based on that, we were optimistic that with a little rest, Alex would be back to his old self. It looks as if it may take a bit more than that. Deadline Hollywood is reporting the following:

Hawaii’s Five-0 task force will be without its leader for a little while. Hawaii Five-0 star Alex O’Loughlin will miss at least one episode of the CBS crime drama for a stint in rehab. “Alex is taking a short break from Hawaii Five-0 to receive supervised treatment for prescription pain medication due to a recent shoulder injury,” a rep for the actor said in a statement.

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