Jeff and morganslady

Merry Christmas

  I am unable to send out Christmas cards this year to my live journal buddies.. 
So please accept this card as my wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year..

I tried to put a picture on here but can't seem to. Can anyone help..
Jeff and morganslady

Just an Update

Hi All,

Staten Island is still reeling from Hurricane Sandy, and now a Nor'easter is heading our way. I'm thinking the Mayans were off by a month with regards to the end of the world..
Of course I was informed by my insurance that I'm not covered for my flooring loss,as I didn't have flood insurance. Just hoping my car is covered.
I've bought a rug for the bedroom,and new molding for the living and dining rooms..
I've also bought a used car on line, it's my Forester in red :)
I consider myself so fortunate,these are inconveniences,I can live with..

Thanks to all of you for your prayers, I know three people who lost their houses,one friend,who was away at the time,had her dog being watched by a neighbor,they couldn't get to the dog :(

These are pictures I took while running errands with a friend..

Keep praying for us..
Jeff and morganslady

Hurrican Sandy

Hey All,
I have to say Monday night was the worst I've ever had, water coming up through the floor(I'm on a cement slab). I only have one floor so it was pretty scary, the dogs and I got on the bed and I prayed.. Seriously thought I might die with the dogs.. Then the lights went out,figured at least I couldn't see the water.
By Tues the water that had come into the parking lot(about 4 feet), receded. I live in a great condo people started helping each other. Today, my neighbors tore out my bedroom carpet,my friend Mike came with his wet/dry vac got ride of the remaining water,then mopped..
I got away very lucky,neighbors lost appliances, electronics,etc.. I'm just hoping my car will start..
Prayers to everyone..
Laura,Buddy and Mojo
Jeff and morganslady

Hurricane Sandy

To all my peeps    Be Safe!!  I'm staying put,in my home on Staten Island.. I have food and water,hopefully the power will stay on.. I've been letting my pups out with a long line, when the winds come it will be interesting,they weigh under 20 lbs..